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Gigabit Internet Service Providers Challenge Traditional Isps

By J.D. Sartain Tue, February 18, 2014 CIO Last fall, the New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute published a study examining high-speed Internet prices around the world . Compared to its international neighbors, the bulk of the United States pays higher prices for slower services than the majority of the planet. Internet access itself is only part of that cost. Comcast and AT&T, for example, charge monthly fees for modems, routers and additional wiring (along with cable boxes, remotes and recording equipment for cable customers), which almost doubles the advertised monthly cost. Internet service providers can do that because, apart from a handful of spots in America, the competition is severely limited, if not nonexistent. That could change, experts say and Google's high-speed, low cost, gigabit Internet service deserves the credit. Google Fiber By the Numbers: Better, Faster, Cheaper Google Fiber costs $70 per month, or $120 per month for an Internet/TV bundle, with installation fees up to $30 installation. Google says it's 100 times faster than the average cable Internet connection. Compared to what other services list on their websites, Google Fiber is 22 times faster than AT&T's best offering, 10 times faster than Comcast's and 3.3 times faster than Verizon's top choice and it costs 24 times less than AT&T, 15 times less than Comcast and 10 times less than Verizon. Google Fiber is even cheaper than ISPs' slowest connection options. Comcast's slowest plan, at 6 Mbps, costs $8.33 per megabit, while AT&T's comparable package is $7.67 per megabit! Google's gigabit plan is 167 times faster but cost only $.07 per megabit.
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how To Write A Respectful Eulogy For A Grandfather

The greatest problem with writing an eulogy for a grandfather is that it's very hard to find the right words. An eulogy, in essence, is very different from other types of writing. You can't just string together some bombastic words and call it an inspirational piece of work. Even the most prolific writers find it hard to write great eulogies at times. That's because eulogies contains largely personal stuff. So the best person to write an eulogy would be someone close to the deceased - in this case, the grandfather.

If you are the person tasked with this huge responsibility, then the pressure is on you to write one of the best speeches you have ever written. You have to do it right as a form of respect for your grandfather. Respect should be the central theme of your eulogy. When you consider the words to use, the tone to adopt, and other details of the speech, always keep respect in mind. Here are some examples.

Give a few examples of how dignified your grandfather was when he was alive. Even at difficult times, he had managed to choose the highest path and retain his dignity. For instance, he might be having financial difficulties, yet he still managed to keep his promise to his grandchild - by giving away a car on his or her twenty first birthday. But this is just one example. In reality, there are tons of examples that one could have used in an eulogy for a grandfather. Any example that will illustrate a grandfather's dignity will serve you well.

The other thing you need to take note of when writing an eulogy for a grandfather, is the tone of the speech. Remember that you are going to deliver this speech at an occasion where the mood is solemn and sombre. Thus, avoid using any form of humor in your writing. Also, use words like "remember him as", "see him as" or "memory". Know that everyone in the audience knows your grandfather some way or other. That means they are there at the funeral to pay their last respects and hopefully leave with some fond memories of your grandfather. So give them some nice memories about your grandfather when delivering your speech.

In sum, half of your work would have already been done when you come up with interesting stories about your grandfather that you can use in the eulogy. These should be memorable stories, and they will spice up your speech. The next half of the battle, is all about putting them into words. How to express these stories in the proper tone is just as important. For instance, you don't want a story that is meant to sound respectful to turn out as funny. The situation can be very embarassing.

To avoid these mistakes, download as many eulogy samples as you can for reference. You may use many of the words as you like in these samples. Your eulogy will always remain unique regardless of how many of these words you choose to use. After all, these experiences are uniquely yours.