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Try The Best Android Weather Widget

Try The Best Android Weather Widget

These days, smartphones are getting more and more powerful. Today, many smartphones run the latest Android operating system software, yet there are still many applications and widgets out there for your smartphone which look dull and dated. This is especially true with software that already comes preloaded onto the phone. Weather widgets are often particularly simplistic with minimal animation if any. Some manufacturers offer a more impressive set of applications already preloaded onto the smartphone but many do not. If you are looking for the best Android weather widget out there, then you should look no further than the Animated Weather widget for Android. Available in both Free and Pro versions, this is truly the most vibrant and attractive weather widget out there.

Smartphones are more than powerful enough for advanced graphics these days. There is no reason why your weather widget has to be boring and lacking any animation and clunky usability. Animated Weather for Android offers a whole new concept to mobile weather forecasting. Easy to use and with minimal requirements, the software will impress your friends by providing beautiful, fully animated weather forecasts including animated scenes for current weather conditions. You can also use it virtually anywhere in the world since it supports over 50,000 different locations. Future versions will also include support for multiple weather forecast streams at the same time. The software is user-friendly and reliable, providing you with an opportunity to see the weather forecast in colorful, vibrant style.

Animated Weather for Android provides extremely detailed scenes for current and future weather conditions for the area that you specify in the program's settings. Each type of weather condition is demonstrated by an animated scene depicting rain, thunderstorms, sunshine, snow or any other type of weather condition. There are also a variety of beautiful colorful backgrounds for further customization. The forecasts which the software offers are also very accurate and as reliable as possible. Its advanced 3D effects, high degree of versatility and customization and reliable interface and reports make it the best Android weather widget available. Try out today and you will likely find that it lives up to its reputation, easily surpassing any of those ugly solutions which come preinstalled on many Android smartphones.

To find out more about Animated Weather for Android, visit website. The product's website also provides information on how to get the full, Pro version for free. There is also a video demonstrating the Android weather app in use. There are two versions available; a Free version with no time limitations and a Pro version. The Pro version provides the software with no advertising and full weather forecasts for the location that you specify. The Free version offers a great opportunity to try the software before you buy it. The full version costs a modest $4.95 and includes many great features including support for desktop widgets, animated daily forecasts, global weather conditions, multiple backgrounds and automatic updates of the forecasts. Numerous other features are also in development and set to come soon, more about which you can learn at the product website.

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